Modern Medical Discoveries post-1800

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Medical research progressed by leaps and bounds by the turn of the 1800. Microorganisms were discovered and so were vitamins. It was the era of scientific stalwarts like Louis Pasteur, Alexander Fleming, Harold Ridley, Mauris Hilleman. While Louis Pasteur came to be know the Father of Bacteriology (along with Robert Koch) for his work with vaccines, Ignaz Semmelweis was hailed 'Savior of Mothers' for his discovery of causes of Puerperal Fever. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen became 'Father of Radiology' with his discovery of X-rays.

Behind each discovery was a human story - some very personal as in the case of Chemotherapy for Streptococcus; some funny like the case of Laughing Gas; some tragic like Sars virus discovery and some stretched out years together while scientists, physician, biologist and ever veterinarians plodded with unwavering tenacity in their quest for knowledge and cure.

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